** We are proudly announcing that our school has been affiliated by CBSE as Senior Secondary School **



Why Choose SGV

Learning how to manage your choice of higher education and career is a lifelong process which needs to start early on in school.


In today’s fast paced society no one has unlimited time. It has become a challenge for busy parents to keep their children engage.

Here in SGV we teach, revise, explain and even do all the preparation for examinations.

A positive atmosphere where education takes place without fear.


The educational program we offer at S.G.V. cannot be matched by any other institutions because education is not imposed but understood.

In the highly competitive environment of today young students have to acquire knowledge and think faster than their collegues to climb the ladder of success. Therefore the students of S.G.V. will be exposed to the following methods of strategies in their learning at different stages of their development.

  • Mind mapping techniques
  • Lateral thinking
  • Abacus method of mathematics
  • Speed reading and Speed writing
  • Brain Gym
  • Calligraphy
  • Time management

The moment you step into our campus you will be impressed by what we offer because,

Why SGV.

  • Plenty of extracurricular.
  • Olympiad.
  • A global focus.
  • English enabled campus.
  • An equal opportunity school.
  • Artificial intelligence curriculum right from class 3.
  • Perfect goldmine for any a Parent
  • Young future scientists
  • Science Olympiad foundation exams were held in 14 countries across asia with 20 lakh participants out of which 2 students from our school 1 prize Trophy Rs.25,000 cash.

A Smart Child

S- Self Discipline

M-Moral Valued



T-Technically armed

Learning is a form of evolution.

Experience it with us.